Kingsbury Lions Club (the Club) are committed to the highest level of integrity in all dealings with their visitors. This commitment extends to respecting personal privacy, and safeguarding individual record confidentiality and system security. Accordingly, the Club adhere to the below privacy guidelines and principles. Any personal information you supply to the Club via this website will be treated in accordance with the UK DPA 1998, including any further amendments and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. If you provide personal information through this website you will be told what the information you have provided will be used for before the information is submitted to the Club.

Kingsbury Lions Club maintain a list of visitors who have contacted the Club through the contact and other forms on the website, recording only that information voluntarily supplied by the visitor. Amongst other details, this will include name, email address and the subject matter of the query. The messages sent to the Club are retained so that the Club can respond to queries received, keep track of any site feedback and also to ensure the Club complies with legislation. This information is held as long as is reasonably necessary. The information is not used for any other purpose.

Your details will not be passed to external third parties The e-mail address to which the feedback is sent is connected to the internet and is not protected by user authentication methods like the use of passwords and encryption to protect it from third parties. Visits to the website are recorded in the web server logs. These logs are maintained indefinitely. In real-time, the access logs are scanned by a web analytics tool which enables the Club to monitor the numbers of visitors. Analysis of where visitors are being referred from is also performed as is an analysis of any search engine keywords used.

Dispute Resolution
Any errors in the information held by the Club will be corrected as soon as practically possible. Please contact the Club if you believe you have submitted incorrect information.

the Club may also issue cookies to browsers to maintain state across certain pages of the website, or to track the number of visitors accessing certain pages or links more accurately than through the web server access logs alone. the Club may also work with third parties to help measure the effectiveness of the Club’s online advertising. These third parties acting as the Club’s Agents may use tags to conduct research on certain usage and activities on the Club’s website. These tags only allow for accurate tracking of visitor numbers, and do not record any type of personal information. As part of this research, the third party may also place a cookie on your machine. This third party cookie would be used to identify your browser when it visits, and include it in the count of visitors. Cookies cannot access files and information stored on your computer. They cannot reveal any information about you that you have not chosen to enter as a visitor to the site. For example, the Club may store your language preference in a cookie, so that each time you visit the site, your language of choice is displayed. the Club will not store any personal information such as name or e-mail address inside the cookie.